Internet Dropping Connections

  • Hello,

    We have been having some problems with the internet connection of our servers.

    In Total we have got 4 root servers with all different windows versions. Which all have the problem of cutting out the internet connection.

    We had 1 server for a month and there weren't any problems until another month since then the internet just occasionally drops,

    and it depends on the driver we use. Some of the drivers do it less often then others but they don't provide the full internet connection.

    We have tried using Linux But even then we have the problem of the internet connection stopping.

    At the moments the server connection stops working we get kicked from the remote desktop and Even kvm sometimes stops working.

    We have tried everything we could come up with but we don't know what the problem is. If we call or mail Netcup we just get a mail back telling us that it's basically not their fault and that would mean that we would have no other choice than to look for another server hosting.

    I hope somebody knows a solution to this problem and is able to help us.


    Robin van Velzen

    For any further information join our teamspeak and ask Roy or Pascal (If they are online).

  • - Every driver provides a full internet connection. What do you mean with: 'Some of the drivers do it less often then others but they don't provide the full internet connection.'

    - What do you see in your monitoring software?

    - In which intervall are these disconnects?

    - What are the log file entries?

    - You say it depends on the driver, even on linux. There are no known problems with any driver.

    - What is your network setup, e.g. linux?

  • I would also like to point out the problem with the KVM disconnecting, Because to my knowledge that shouldn't be possible or be caused by windows (I might be wrong, correct me if I am.)

  • You are providing much to little technical information for helping you.

    I am sorry but what kind of information would you like?

    We have got 1 RS8000 g8

    and 2 RS4000 G8

    and 1 1000 G8

    They all have the problem and we have already called support and wrote them several email in which they all tell us that they are not able to help.

  • Windows: I don't use that.

    Linux: Serverside: Usually you check your check access log. Are there any successfull requests while the outage? Do you see any interesting in the kernel ring buffer? Are there any events in the system log? Client side: How stable is your internet connection? Can you constantly ping your server and other google? While outage: Can you post a traceroute/tracert? Is ping successfull to google and your server?

  • We know Linux is a lot better for the server side, but the problem with that is that we wouldn't be able to run a couple of our programs on it

    There are no successful requests (If you meen connecting to the server that is.)

    There are no events in the system log.

    My internet connection is stable and i am not the only user of the server everybody who tries to connect to it just gets a message saying that there is no response.\

    The Ping Is always low but i am not able to look at that when there is an outage.

    Pinging is successful but i can't try it while it has an outage.

    I am not able to post a traceroute because the outages are completely random and may only be a few seconds long or a few minutes.(If this is necessary i will try it but i can not guarantee that i get it.)

  • You could install linux and do traceroutes to google with a cronjob that runs every minute. When you experience the next disconnect, you can look at the output and maybe you will find something interesting. Of course you could probably also do that on Windows.

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  • Since i haven't got Linux installed so i would indeed have to do it on windows. The problem with that is that i have no idea how i would go about making it run every minute. i have tried googling it but i can't find a good solution. If somebody knows how to do this please help me with it.

  • Use the rescue system in the SCP under Media -> Rescue System. Log in as root and type "crontab -e".

    Insert the following line:

    1. * * * * * traceroute >> "/tmp/traceroute-$(date).log"

    When you experience disconnects, post the contents of the corresponding file .

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  • So i have been trying to get the traceroute working using the rescue system but i can't figure it out.

    First i start it up and press q to go to the shell.

    then i type "login"

    and root and the password

    and after that i do "crontab -e" and once i am there i can't do anything.

    So i tried installing an program on windows and try it with that. That worked but after a few Outages i looked at the logs and there where no differences between the outages and the normal traceroutes.

  • Maybe you are using vi(m) and don't know how to use it?

    Vim can be confusing. Hit i for insert mode (that means you can write). If you are finished typing the text, press Escape and and then ":wq" (colon followed by wq) and hit return.

    Try using "EDITOR=nano crontab -e" if you don't want to use vi(m).

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  • So i have been away for a few days and i got back home and looked at the server and thought to my self, how am i suppost to see that the server is having an outage. (since there isn't anything running on it.) I have now shutdown the Rescue System and started windows but the problem has been getting worse. At the moment i haven't been able to connect for almost 10 minutes now, and it's really annoying. I don't know how to work with the rescue system because i have never worked with something like that. And i was hoping that somebody could help me with it because i have no idea.

  • Okay I've took some look into it. Most of the Clients are connected in the Netherlands, Britain or Oversea.

    Some of them have a basic packet loss. I can identify one hop in amsterdam that is making troubles in the traceroutes:

    I've added a rule in the windows firewall to let ICMP flow freely and checked the network driver.

    I've setup-ed some WinMTR on both parties.

    Now we just can wait.

  • Some of them have a basic packet loss. I can identify one hop in amsterdam that is making troubles in the traceroutes:

    Are you sure about that? It's most likely just a big core router not replying to every ping.

    1. --- ping statistics ---
    2. 16 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 14995ms