How to edit DNS zone records and link domain with server

  • Hello everybody,

    I have just purchased a root server RS 1000 G8 and a domain, so I am new to NetCup and to this forum.

    Now I would like to link my domain to my server.

    I noticed that in my DNS zone there are 4 type A records, respectively for *, @, ftp and mail hosts, which have as destination an IP address that does not correspond to my server address.

    My question is: am I expected to change this address to the value of my server's Ipv4 address?

  • The @ is for the domain itself, the * represents any subdomain, ftp and mail are specific subdomains.

    A records are for IPv4 addresses.

    AAAA records for IPv6 addresses.

    MX records are for Mail Servers (which mailserver is responsible for that domain)

  • I will not use my server as a mail server, so would you suggest me to delete also the mx record?

    When you had those records earlier, you probably managed your E-Mails thru a Netcup webhosting plan, didn't you?

    If you like to still receive and send mails via webhosting you need to keep the MX record intact. Otherwise you may delete them.

    One last question: the AAAA record(s) should have as host *, @ or both?

    @ for the main domain. If you want any subdomain to be routed, except those that you explicitly list, you can add an AAAA record with * as the domain.

    So you can add both if you want and be routed to your server.