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    today when I logged in the Server Control Panel I was welcomed with the following warning: A storage optimization is necessary. This process can be started under "Media".

    What is Storage Optimization? Is it a safe process?


    today I found my server started with uptime 1 hour 30 minutes, while I am sure it was shut down days ago.

    Should I be worried or the server powers on automatically after a certain period of time?

    Goodmorning to everybody,

    I would like to change the hostname of my root server with 'ubuntu-18.04' instead of 'v3303002220685104720' .

    Since I purchased a domain (say, my fqdn would be

    Am I also required to change accordingly the rDNS of the IPv4 in the Network section of the Server Control Panel?

    Goodmorning to all of you,

    While I was editing my DNS zone, I realized that only 9 DNS records are accepted. However I need 10 of them.

    Why is it not possible to create more than 9 records?

    Do you have the same restraint or the limit of records can be somehow extended?

    I think my server is already configured to use an IPv6 adress, as indicated by my netplan configuration:

    Is my server's IPv6 address 3a03:3000:30:66:2244:fall:le96:5012?

    In my control panel, my IPv6 addresses are: 3a03:3000:30:66::/64

    NOTE: I avoided to use my real IP addresses

    I apologize but I am not familiar with IPv6 addresses: why I have more than one IPv6 address?

    So if I pick one address of the indicated subnet, I suppose have to add this address in /etc/hosts: is that the only configuration I am required to do on my server side? I wonder if I can omit my IPv6 address in my DNS zone.

    Good evening,

    I am struggling to create a valid dns zone.

    When I added 2 A records for hosts @ and * using as destination my IPv6 address (as suggested me in a previous thread), that address, which is in the form 3a03:3000:30:66::/64, was rejected with the following warning:


    Entry invalid: * AAAA 0 3a03:3000:30:66::/64 No valid IPv6 address specified. Entry invalid: @ AAAA 0 3a03:3000:30:66::/64 No valid IPv6 address specified.

    Why is that? Where is the mistake?

    NOTE: I did not want to report my true IPv6 address, so I changed some numbers

    Good morning to everybody.

    I need to add DKIM, SPF, TXT and DMARK records to my DNS zone.

    I am required to do this in order to send transactional emails via sendinblue from my web application.

    For instance, my DMARC record for "" is:

    v=DMARC1; p=none; sp=none;!10m;!10m; rf=afrf; pct=100; ri=86400

    Could you please suggest me how to do it?

    The DNS zone has 4 sections: Host, Type, MX and Destination.

    As far as I have understood, these sections has to be filled in as follows:


    Type: TXT

    Destination: v=DMARC1; p=none; sp=none;!10m;!10m; rf=afrf; pct=100; ri=86400

    Is that correct?

    Hello everybody,

    I have just purchased a root server RS 1000 G8 and a domain, so I am new to NetCup and to this forum.

    Now I would like to link my domain to my server.

    I noticed that in my DNS zone there are 4 type A records, respectively for *, @, ftp and mail hosts, which have as destination an IP address that does not correspond to my server address.

    My question is: am I expected to change this address to the value of my server's Ipv4 address?