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    Just for my understanding:

    The RS1000 BF offer is only for the Vienna location?

    And not for a yearly subscription?


    We have a few RS1000 - all with a yearly contract and located at ANX84(?).

    We need another 2 of these - again with a yearly contract.

    Would be great if there is a BF offer for these.

    Thank you - Will

    Short story:

    I'm running a Nextcloud instance on webhosting (8000). And would like to clone this setup so that it is also available on another domain. Any recommendations to make this happen?

    Long story:

    I have Nextcloud running via The folder behind it is in Webhosting 8000 as /http/

    I would like to clone this within the same webhosting environment. And run it via with the folder /http/


    Ich sollte mir angewöhnen eich mitzuteilen was ich bereits gemacht habe ^^

    Ich habe Kabel und Port bereits getauscht, und auch Kabel und Port eines anderen Raspberry verwendet, welcher funktioniert hat.

    Dann ist vermutlich die Lan-Buchse hin?

    Oder USB weil alle I/O lauft uber USB - auch das LAN.

    beim webhosting aka netcup-mailhosting sind die schlüssel schon eingerichtet und korrekt im DNS eingetragen.

    testen kannst du es, indem du eine mail an die üblichen spf-dkim-dmarc-tester schickst.

    Sorry for "breaking-in":

    How does this work? This "testen kannst du es, indem du eine mail an die üblichen spf-dkim-dmarc-tester schickst"?

    What is the expected outcome?

    That's my approach.

    I ordered a Cloud vLAN 2,5 Gbit/s for all servers.

    A RS1000 is running the opnsense firewall and acts as DHCP-Server/Gateway/Firewall/wireguard-server/haproxy/whatsoever.

    The public network is disabled for all other machines.

    Can you point me to any docs where such a setup is described?

    I looked with the phrases cloud vlan and private IP.

    But wasn't able to find any docs on this topic.

    My main interest is about the vlan-part:

    Is it possible to simply add another vnic without the vlan part?

    Is it possible to use multiple vlans? Other then adding another vnic?


    What is the recommended approach (if any) for having 2 or more root/VPS-servers in a private network?

    Ideally in such a way that one of these servers runs OpnSense/pfSense and acts as a kind of default gateway for the remaining servers?

    The desired end-result is that these "remaining servers" have no direct connection to the Internet.

    All traffic requires processing via the one that runs the OpnSense/pfSense firewall.

    With warm regards - Will

    So you tried with a total new installation and get the same error?
    Might be something in your computer / browser - try a different machine or contact netcup support.

    Yes - correct.

    Also tried different browsers: FF, Edge and Chrome.

    On Chrome I don't even get a login. On FF and Edge the behavior is the same.

    My biggest problem is that I don't have files and folders in the webui since the outage.

    Netcup-support is not willing to help as Nextcloud is not supported.

    On top of that, everything is in the green on their site - which is probably true.

    Did you try to perform an integrity check as well?

    Yes - did the core-check => some messages popped up - all referring to the logs folder in the docroot

    Perhaps this causing issues => contacted netcup support; also because an error about the logs-folder pops-up when creating a new subdomain.

    The error message is:


    relink-vhost-logs failed: './' already exists, but has wrong access rights. Specify --force to override. ERROR: Cannot relink logs. Target directory '/var/www/vhosts/' is in invalid state.

    Thank you for the quick response!

    I'm using webhosting and VPS.

    Webhosting is giving me these hassles - VPS is working as expected.

    Tried with creating a new subdomain in a new folder and a new database => same endresult!

    Hi Everone,

    See also attached images:

    Recently, netcup had an outage that required restoring a backup. Since that moment, bits-and-pieces of the Nextcloud web-ui are failing - a few examples:

    • no login fields with Chrome (Firefox and Edge are working as expected)
    • no folders and files after login with my account
    • no icons in the top-right from the installed-apps (i.e. calendar, files, contacts, etc).
    • nothing on "more"
    • no logout with right-click on user icon

    The weird thing is that except for the folders and files, everything is available when going via search.

    Meaning click on search and type (for example) settings, it shows me the settings with all entries. The same is for calendar, contacts and all others - just not for folders and files.

    I tried severall occ-commands like occ files:scan and occ files:cleanup. But nothing seems to work until now.

    I also tried debug-logging with the config below:

    'debug' => true,
    'loglevel' => 0,
    'log_type' => 'file',
    'logfile' => 'nc-itv.log',
    'logdateformat' => 'F d, Y H:i:s',

    But while lots of details, I didn't notice anything that may point to the root-cause.

    Any suggestions where to go from here?

    With warm regards - Will


    Empty login - IT visibility.pngEmpty files - IT visibility.pngHi Everone,

    This seems to work - thank you tab

    See also:…hey-correlate/#post172314

    Currently the Nextcloud-data folder is outside the Nextcloud-webroot folder: httpdocs/

    The Nextcloud-webroot is defined as: httpdocs/

    Which is configured as a sub-domain from

    The webUI now works as expected and has no errors. This includes the upgrade process.

    The only thing I didn't check is occ. According to tab this requires different directive to the data-folder.

    But when I add this to the config-folder, Nextcloud doesn't run at all => comes with:

    Your data directory must be an absolute pathCheck the value of "datadirectory" in your configuration
    Your data directory is invalidEnsure there is a file called ".ocdata" in the root of the data directory.
    Cannot create "data" directoryThis can usually be fixed by giving the webserver write access to the root directory. See  

    So I deleted that one (for now).

    What is your view here?

    Not out of the box, because for netcup webhostings the paths to the data directory in the SSH console and in a web process are different.

    So, to cope with that, you have to use a solution like e.g. this one.

    Perhaps true (and I'm overlooking something) - but if I add that config file to the config-folder, then nextcloud as whole becomes unavailable. It complains about folder rights and a missing file called ".ocdata". So I removed it.

    This morning, I tried a manual upgrade with this install:

    • Nextcloud main: /httpdocs/
    • Nextcloud data: /httpdocs/
    • Nextcloud tmp: /httpdocs/

    I renamed the current ../main-folder to ../main-2022jan8

    Then uploaded containing the next new version.

    This was then extracted to the folder ../nextcloud.

    After which it was renamed to ../main.

    I then connected to and it suggested an upgrade through the web interfaces.

    Which was granted (of course). After a suggested retry it completed succesfully.

    Once this was completed and I did a new login, the Nextcloud-server suggested another upgrade.

    Which was started and completed without any manual interference.

    Meaning nothing else was done from my end (other then a confirmation on using the webui for the upgrade).

    At this time I have a running nextcloud with semi-automatic updates and no running errors in the log.

    Meaning there is only an error when clicking on system info.

    The for me relevant settings in config.php:

    'datadirectory' => '/var/www/vhosts/',
    'tempdirectory' => '/var/www/vhosts/',
    'overwrite.cli.url' => '',

    The underlying webhosting package is Webhosting 2000

    Thank you for the support and patience.