English Froxlor manual?

  • I had a quick look around the Froxlor site to see if it's something that might be useful to me, but I don't see any documentation about how it works. I've played with the demo a bit, but that doesn't tell me everything. Is there an english manual anywhere or should I just install it and play around with it?

  • Hi,

    Froxlor is a administration panel for hosting platforms, so you could it use it for web- and mailhosting for customers - i would describe it as a crappy plesk...

    I tried to find a documentation, but i was just as unsuccessful as you were too.

    Do you really need such a software?

    I would recommend you a look to redhats cockpit or keywebs keyhelp, if you just want to administrate your own server and doesnt search for a tool for a complete hosting platform. :/