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    As far as I understand, these settings should be correct. Do you have any DNSSEC settings in place? You could try to re-set them as well.

    Other than that I suggest you to contact the Netcup support.

    Nope no DNSSEC activated. Contacted Netcup support still waiting for a reply back!

    As I wrote, I would try to set the domain's DNS servers to Netcup ones (even if you do not want to use them). Immediately afterward, I would set the custom DNS server values again.

    At least for me, this "trick" resolved the problems in one case.



    This site can't be reached’S server IP address could not be found.


    But another one of my domains is resolving fine just using default nameservers from a cdn...

    I didnt say that i am using custom nameservers from a cdn and am trying to create the link from netcup to cdn using custom nameservers from cdn that i made. I think much like how cloudflare custom nameservers work. Forgot to add this in.

    Your example seems to be correct. Sometimes, Netcup's DNS settings are "stuck" somehow. Try to switch back and forth to Netcup's DNS servers once and wait a few hours. In this case, I think the problem aren't your settings but the propagation of the information to the TLD provider.

    OK so all i can do is wait?

    There is a German Wiki that explains the Glue Records :

    AFAIK, you should be fine if you set your "normal" nameserver settings (like with the corresponding IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

    Yes i have set the nameservers :

    Under OWN nameservers - ipv4address - ipv4address

    but it is not resolving at all. Dns lookups still say my domain is connected to netcup nameservers and its been a couple days now.

    "hostname" and "ipv4address" = placeholders

    This is correct?

    Hi so i have my nameservers with ipv4 for each on my dns records for my domain, but my website has not been resolving for some time now 48hrs + Im on the section "own nameservers" using custom nameservers How do i enter my glue records for? Am i doing it correctly already using own nameservers in dns and having both nameservers linked to a ipv4 address...? is answering with:
    Missing glue record for the nameserver

    Can someone show me how to create Glue Records within Netcup please!

    Please reply ASAP

    Thanks in advance

    Child regards

    Hallo, ich habe meine Nameserver mit ipv4 für jeden in meinen dns-Datensätzen für meine Domain, aber meine Website hat sich seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr aufgelöst. 48 Stunden + Ich bin im Abschnitt "eigene Nameserver" mit benutzerdefinierten Nameservern dns2. Wie gebe ich meine Klebedatensätze ein?? Mache ich es richtig, benutze bereits eigene Nameserver in dns und habe beide Nameserver mit einer ipv4-Adresse verknüpft...? antwortet mit:

    Fehlende Klebstoffaufnahme für den Nameserver

    Kann mir bitte jemand zeigen, wie man Kleberekorde in Netcup erstellt?!

    Bitte antworten Sie so schnell wie möglich

    Danke im Voraus

    Kinder grüßen