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    Würde ich auch sagen - wozu das Ganze nochmal zusätzlich durch eine extra Windows-Schicht virtualisieren?

    Du hast nur eine Schicht mehr Overhead, Update-Stress usw.

    Einfach einen Rootserver mit Linux zusammenklicken und den Docker-Container nativ da laufen lassen.

    twiddern ha; danke für den Hinweis, hatte noch während ich schrieb daran gedacht, aber dann doch ohne abgeschickt 👍


    Friday night deploying - That sound's like working in shifts?

    vmk : "Friday night" != Freitagnacht. "Friday night" = 17:30 max, gemeint ist dass wir eine vernünftige Testabdeckung sowie CI-Pipeline implementieren, die Risiken minimiert und "Notfälle" vermeidet, so dass wir theoretisch bedenkenlos selbst an einem Freitagabend kurz vor Feierabend deployen könnten, wenn wir wöllten. Das ist der heilige Gral, der Endgegner.


    Research and implement ML, etc - You are seeking an senior specialist?

    Absolutely not. If you've had an introductory course on linear regression algorithms, or used a nlp package for python, you're perfect. The point is: You'll have the time to experiment and compare different implementations.


    AWS - You want an senior engineer, or?

    Again, it's enough if you've deployed one or 2 EC2 instances with a Linux on it.


    You forgot an company name or real contact data!

    Thank you! Fixed!


    This all sound like an remote / home office job. Is there any office presence required?

    We're a small team of three people. Much of the time in the office will be spent on whiteboard planning and discussing implementation details, playing with pen-and-paper-prototypes, throwing everything away, and starting from scratch. This is all very well possible remotely, and there are lots of companies offering remote work (or even remote-only).

    We have no experience with remote workers, but would like to experiment with this in a later stage of the company.

    Paid internship means in german 'Praktikant'. Is this an mistranslation?

    It's a Praktikum, or a Paid Internship, exactly. I'm not quite understanding what you mean?

    Du bist am Anfang Deiner Karriere? Quereinsteiger? Tauche in die Berliner Tech-Start-Up-Szene ein!

    Komm' an Bord eines kleinen, feinen Startups: Unsere Bürosprache ist Englisch, daher beschreibe ich uns im Folgenden auf Englisch.

    Da wir jede Hilfe gebrauchen können handelt es sich um eine Stelle eher für Generalisten, perfekt wenn Du Dich noch nicht auf Fachbereiche spezialisiert hast, aber bereits einige Kenntnisse mitbringst und mit uns schnell wachsen möchtest.

    Schreib' mir eine PN, ich antworte immer.


    Where: Berlin

    What: 6 months paid internship / working student / junior

    When: Yesterday

    Our promise: We will be your career game-changer

    What we do

    🚀 We build beautiful talent platforms called Talent Pools for VC funds and their companies

    • On our Talent Pools, companies share and hire the best candidates in a way never done before
    • We are live since 2 months, some of the biggest VC funds and 500+ global companies are our clients and love us
    • We want to own this market in the next 6 months. Let’s do it together.

    🥇 We are first movers. What does that mean?

    • Smart people will try to copy us
    • We have to be quick
    • We have to be sharp and come up with pragmatic, clean solutions - quick.
    • We have to be better

    🔮 We will jump-start your career

    • You'll take a deep dive into Software Engineering and/or Systems Architecture in an early-stage startup. With us, you'll build something people love, from scratch.
    • We have to be truly Agile and deliver in quick, little iterations. We also can't afford unstable code or unreliable systems. We take Software Crafting and Site Reliability Engineering very seriously.
    • You will plan and grow software and systems as if it’s you own company. If you are planning on launching your startup in the future, there is no better place to prepare and learn.
    • Your time at an early-stage startup like us will be a unique opportunity to grow Engineering/Ops skills and have fun at the same time.

    💪 Who will you work with?

    • We are a small team of three (🇪🇸, 🇷🇺, 🇩🇪) who live an ambitious dream and want you to join!
    • We are looking for folks from even more cultures to join
    • We love a fun, professional & highly motivated environment
    • We built successful startups in Berlin and around the world in the past (Rocket Internet, Movinga, Medici Living)

    What you bring to the battlefield

    • You’ve had exposure to at least one programming language
    • You’ve used your favourite browser's Developer Tools
    • You have installed Linux somewhere once or twice

    💫 Your responsibilities

    • Help our CTO to design and implement new features and grow infrastructure.
    • Improve our CI/CD pipeline (GitLab). Deploying on a Friday night and actually enjoying the weekend is our end-game.
    • You'll research and implement algorithms from the Machine Learning, Statistics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) domains to improve critical parts of our product.
    • Plan and grow Cloud infrastructure (AWS, Bare Metal / NetCup, ...).