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    Do you have a static network configuration? You should not use dhcp, make sure that your IPv4 and IPv6 address are configured as static. You should also have a look for netcups recommendations for IPv6 configuration -->…nd_Ubuntu_.28bis_17.04.29 (its german, you may have to use a translator like deepl)

    Which OS do you use?

    I am using Debian will do what you suggested see will keep an eye if it helps, thanks for the suggestion.

    It's not misleading at all, no CPU runs at turbo frequency on all cores all the time. That's why it says "max. 3.9 GHz per core", not "3.9 GHz per core."

    KVM in the product description also tells you that this is virtualized hardware with limited control over the metal.

    Its all good, i never blamed netcup for misleading.
    Just asked why do they say max 3.9ghz, and i got a pretty decent explanation.

    I just want to quote H6G - he already explained it to another community member. ;)

    You may tell the netcup support, that this is a very misleading product description.

    Ah, i get it. Alright thank you.
    Anyone else has been having random network disconnects? for some reason my server has been disconnecting from the net and connecting back every hour or two

    I have tried to enable the turbo freq on my root server but i am unable to get it to work, Is it not possible or am i doing something wrong?

    I own a RS 2000 G8 running debian with liquorix kernel and my current freq is

    CPU MHz: 2095.078

    That one is called a learning curve.

    Sometimes the file blocks keep allocated, but you have to look for special file signatures. I don't think that kind of work is suitable for a gameserver.

    You are better of by replaying a backup of your gameserver files.

    I don't have a backup thats the issue, I have contacted netcup in hope that they can revert my server back in a day or something.

    Im sorry but you're literally talking chinese to me. I have no idea what this means :/

    This is the output i get from "ip address show"


    Could you describe you problem a bit more fine-grained?

    What kind of a backup image do you have? A snapshot image that you can create in the SCP (.qcow2-format) ?

    I thought they cost 1,50€ and not 80€?

    What do you mean it is on "your FTP server?"

    Because the mistake was fully mine it costed me more than 1,5euros. I accidently cancelled the wrong VPS server i owned, Anyways i got an update. I have successfully logged in the VPS trough the SCP console. but it seems like the networking is all bugged because im on a new VPS and it still thinks im on the old one so the networking configuartion is all wrong.
    Is there some automatic proccess to re-configure the networking? I can't even download anything at this point.

    And yes its a .qcow2 format.


    I've had a terrible mistake with my vps which i have paid 80 euros for a backup image that i currently haven't been able to install for more than 24 hours.
    I have the image on my FTP server and when installing it on my VPS the VPS is going completly dead, can't connect with SSL or the SCP CONSOLE.

    Since the support isn't answering me currently i've decided to ask here.