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    That would only be possible by bridging the outside NIC to the vswitch and I don't think that is going to work on netcup's network.

    if this is not possible , how we can install an hypervisor on netcup network .

    i opened a ticket with the support and they confirmed that lot of there clients are using ESXi. and logically it should work. and in case there is any ipv4 limitation, ipv6 is not working

    i have 1 ipv4 and /64 ipv6 . i tried using this ipv4 on a VM machine but it didnt work , also IPV6 not working.

    i cannot do NAT on ESxi .

    it is not a routing issue , the issue is the machines connected to the vswitch are not able to communicate with anything outside the vmnic0.

    i might be missing a parameter on ESXi to make it works on a KVM


    i have installed ESXi on the root server (RS 4000 G8) after enabling VMX.

    i have created 2 VMs (windows and CentOS). there is reachability between this two VMs also they are able to reach he ESXi management interface but i am not able to reach the internet.

    any ideas