Terms Of Use

  1. Terms Of Use (As Of Date 01/2022)


    1. General, scope of these terms of use

    1.1.   The netcup GmbH customer forum is a platform for exchanging knowledge between customers. Topics discussed include hosting, web hosting and technology in connection with the services of netcup GmbH. The moderators of the netcup GmbH customer forum do not answer any support requests. Our support team can be reached via mail@netcup.de.

    1.2.   netcup GmbH reserves the right to change the terms of use for the future. In this case, netcup GmbH will inform you of the changes to the terms of use and point out that the changes are considered accepted if you do not object to the changes within four weeks or as soon as you use the service again after the four weeks have elapsed. We can also inform you about changes to these terms of use via notices or links in our forum.

    2. Registration

    2.1.   Prerequisite for using the Customer Forum, is a prior registration using the online form. With the successful registration the user becomes a member of the netcup forum. Contract is to use the forum functions as communication platform. There is no entitlement to membership or participation in the forum. The user may not allow third parties access. As the owner of the account, the customer is responsible for protecting against misuse. The customer is obliged to keep his access data secret and to protect it from access by third parties.

    2.2.   Customers of netcup GmbH have the option to link their customers account with the forum account. A customer can use the forum without restrictions. Registered users who are not netcup customers have to have every contribution and every created topic activated and cannot see certain areas.

    2.3.   You can find detailed instructions for registering in the forum and for linking the customer account to the forum account here: https://www.netcup-wiki.de/wiki/Registrierung_im_netcup_Forum

    3. Rules of Conduct

    3.1.   Discussions are conducted with arguments, not opinions. These arguments are presented fairly and objectively and defended in the same way. The following behaviors are, in the context of the use of netcup GmbH customer forum, not allowed:

    ·  Save, publish and / or transmit data, texts, images, files, links, software or other content that are illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, annoying, defamatory or offensive to third parties according to the relevant statutory provisions or according to the assessment of netcup GmbH, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racist or otherwise objectionable;

    ·  Name other (web) hosting providers;

    ·  Spread viruses, Trojans, or other harmful files;

    ·  Polemics, propaganda, provocation and insults;

    The following behavior is not desired when using the netcup GmbH customer forum:

    ·  Reply to an obsolete thread. Before creating new topics, the search should be used and see whether there is a topic that is already not out of date;

    ·  Deviating from the actual content of a topic;


    The publication and / or forwarding of the content of a private conversation is not permitted without the consent of both communicating users. It is also prohibited to name or quote names of netcup employees in connection with support requests or other confidential content.

    4. Supplementary rules in individual forums/topics

    Additional rules apply in individual sub-forums, such as "Jobs". These are pinned there at the beginning of the list of topics and are valid in addition to the general terms of use. The content of the pinned posts can be adjusted regularly and without prior notice.

    5. Roles/Moderator

    You can tell which role a user has by the color and name of the badge. Users who belong to netcup GmbH can be recognized by the designation administrator, moderator or employee and the turquoise badge.


    They moderate the discussions between users and ensure compliance with the terms of use. They are also the point of contact for questions, criticism or suggestions from the community (see below). You can contact them by marking them in a post or by reporting a post. 

    As long as netcup GmbH does not make any other arrangements, moderators exercise the following rights:

    ·  Moderators can warn users in the event of rule violations against the terms of use and in the event of repeated massive rule violations, temporarily or permanently block the user account. The exclusion is directed against the person, which is why it is not allowed to bypass the block by creating a new user account.

    ·  If content violates the terms of use, moderators are entitled to delete or block the content, add comments to posts and / or move it to other areas of the netcup GmbH forum without prior consultation with the respective user.

    ·  A moderator can close threads if they are classified as trolling or spam, threads have been posted in the wrong place or twice, or if a thread has a high potential for escalation or has escalated to such an extent that no reasonable discussion can take place.

    Moderators are not required to give reasons for their decisions. Our moderators only answer during netcup GmbH business hours.

    Users can contact our moderators for the following reasons, among others:

    ·  If the username should be changed;

    ·  For questions about permissions;

    ·  For questions about products or general expressions of interest in the further development of products;

    ·  If a contribution or the behavior of a user violates the terms of use of the netcup forum or is perceived as undesirable by that user in any way;

    ·  For feedback on adjustments to functions;

    ·  To activate unregistered users for contributions or topics (see 2.3).

    6. Termination and deletion of the user account

    6.1.   This license agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. This contract can be terminated by either party without notice. The netcup GmbH reserves the right to terminate in repeated breach of the methods described in point 3 rules of conduct, with two-time violation is considered sufficient to contract with the customer.

    6.2.   Written contributions and other public content remain visible to all readers after deletion and while the user account is blocked. However, after the deletion, the account can no longer be accessed and is marked as "gelöschter User" (deleted user) in the forum. All other data relevant to the use of the forum will be deleted.

    6.3.   To delete an account please send an E-Mail with your used E-Mail address to mail@netcup.de

    6.4.   The netcup GmbH reserves the right to a breach of the mentioned in item 3 Code of Conduct, the following sanctions against the customer / user to impose.

    ·  Issuing a warning;

    ·  Blocking of 30 days;

    ·  Unlimited ban on forum usage.

    7. Liability

    7.1.   netcup GmbH cannot check content in advance unless it is content created by netcup GmbH itself. netcup GmbH does not assume any liability for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the forum content provided by the members.

    7.2.   Claims for damages against netcup GmbH are excluded regardless of the legal reason, unless netcup GmbH, its legal representatives or vicarious agents have intentionally or grossly negligent or have violated an essential contractual obligation with intent or gross negligence.

    7.3.   netcup GmbH deletes articles that violate criminal and press law provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany or good morals, provided that netcup GmbH is made aware of this. This includes illegal purposes as well as obscene and harassing behavior or links to content that is not tolerated in this way. netcup GmbH does not support the suggestion/incitement to criminal offenses under any circumstances.

    8. Data protection

    8.1.   Information on data protection can be found in our data protection declaration: https://www.netcup.eu/kontakt/datenschutzerklaerung.php

    9. Final provisions

    9.1.   The use of the services is determined by German law.

    9.2.   Should individual provisions of these terms of use be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

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