Regarding SCSI and CPU Socket

  • Hello All

    I just migrate from DO to netcup and really satisfied with its performance.

    However, I have some questions regarding the feature of the product :

    Question 1:

    As default in the media driver, it is used SCSI.

    I get a very slow benchmark IO result when using this kind of driver some 43 Mb/s disks write using FIO 4k. However, when I change to Virtio driver it gets improved to > 300Mb/s.

    Question: Why is the default disk driver used after product creation using SCSI? Is it safe to use Virtio all along?

    Question 2 :

    When I upgrade the product package let's say from package 1 to package 2 on the same generation for the root server, is the upgrade deleting all the data in the disk and operating system?

    What about the additional storage that I ordered additional is it still safe when doing the upgrade?

    Question 3 :
    I have this option in the SCP setting :

    Please let me know what is this use for ?

    Thank you for any of your suggestion.