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    So I had to choose:

    Custom: Install Windows Only (Advanced)

    And not the Upgrade: Install Windows and keep files, etc etc..

    And after that I had to put load in the drivers, and choose the :WIN8/amd..something! Then I had to create partition I've made like 3, 1 small one for system usage and 2nd one was like 8 gb and 3th one was the biggest, where I installed windows on. Then I had to load back in the Windows ISO File and press Refresh and there u could go to the Next step!


    Then your done ^^


    had you selected the virtio SCSI driver when you pressed Weiter? In your second Screenshot it looks like you selected the first entry in the list, which is the network and not the disk driver.

    Hi fallobst,

    I tried selecting them all and it didn't work. And I also tried selecting SCSI driver alone and it didn't work.


    You need to insert the Windows Driver (Treiber in german) Disk in VCP and select the driver from the cd-rom drive. Afterwards you can put the Windows Install CD back in the drive.



    Hi Thomas,

    I've done that, when I selected the driver I went to WIN8 > AMD64 > OK
    Then it showed me the 3 drivers on the picture, then I pressed Next. When I press Next, the ERROR will show up from my Reply.

    "Es wurden keine neuen Geratetreiber gefunden. Stellen Sie sicher, dass sich die richtigen Treiber auf dem Installationsdatentrager befinden, und klicken Sie auf,, OK"."

    PS: When I pressed Next the Windows Driver is still in it.

    Thanks for your answer. Hoping for a positive answer back from you!