Did you test referal program to see if it works?

  • Before I opened this thread I have sent email to support first and after few vague messages I got answer that every thing is as should be ... but I don't really buy it.

    Recently I recommended Netcup to a friend and wanted to test referral system. I was sitting beside my friend, while he opened a freshly installed browser, clicked on the link from my site, registered an account, talked to the Netcup employee over the phone and finally paid for the first month. It was 3 days ago and nothing happened. I thought maybe it should pass some time before anything appears in my control panel, but in the first response from Netcup support I got an answer that it should appear immediately. I am aware of the voucher system, but my goal was to test the referal system. I expained several times the problem to the support, and eventualy when I got this email:

    I deleted all links to the Netcup from my website. I don't call you to do the same. I just want to know if someone did the same check and with what results.