RS 4000 G9 to G9.5 worth it?

  • So I just noticed that 9.5 was made available, with an increase of around 5 euro's more for 200GB more space + 4 more cores (in terms of my current G9). I'm just curious if it's worth it. Hardware appears to be the same still. Shame that if I compare it with a vserver for the same amount of money you get like 500GB more space + way more RAM.

    Also.. is this "Traffic flatrate" new? I don't recall this on the G9.

  • Hey,

    version 9.5 is to compensate for the increase in electricity costs.

    If more CPU power is needed, then of course the upgrade is worth it, but the hardware is the same here.

    Nothing has changed with the traffic flat rate.

    1x RS 2000 G9.5 SE NUE BF23

    5x VPS piko G11s

    6x Domains

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  • Have a look at…A4ngste-thema/#post176856 concerning the VServer Updates from 9 to 10.

    With an RS, you will always have dedicated CPU cores (instead of dynamical "VCores" @VPS), the 2,5Gbit of networking capability (>1Gbit can definitely be reached) instead of 1Gbit and more full speed traffic (limitation at >120TB/month instead of 80TB/month) and a higher throttling threshold after reaching that limit. Yes, a VServer often offers more storage for the same price, but storage is not all.

    Advantage of Vservers: they can be ordered very flexibly by the hour (there are also longer terms available).

    For the RS Gen 9.5: if the 4 cores and more storage are needed for your workload and therefore worth 5€/month to you, then go for it.

    RS Ostern L OST22 (~RS "3000" G9.5) (8C,24GB,960GB) | RS Cyber Quack (1C,2GB,40GB)

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