[ENG]Two questions about the SCP options (CPU Topology and Screen)

  • Hello. First of all sorry if English is not allowed at this forum. If this topic breaks forum rules - please delete it.

    Yesterday I ordered a Root Server at netcup.eu. So far I love the performance!

    I was checking settings in the Server Control Panel at servercontrolpanel.de, and I've got two questions:

    1. What is "Settings" -> "CPU Topology"?

    By default "Socket count" is set to 2, and "Core per Socket count" is set to 1. Is it safe to change "Core per Socket count" to 2? Will this improve performance or could possibly make it worse?

    2. The "Screen" tab doesn't work for me. It displays a black window with "Show Keyboard", "Send CTRL + ALT + DEL" buttons. Is there any additional software which I should install on my server to make it work? I use Ubuntu 16.04, and I installed "


  • 1) You can't change "Core per Socket count" to 2 without changing "Socket count" to 1. Unless you are using a software that limits the number of sockets it shouldn't make any difference.

    2) Have you tried pressing any key? The screen gets black after a while without any interaction.

  • Thank you for the reply!

    Yes, I tried to press a key, but it doesn't make any difference. After a few seconds a message: "Not connected" appears, and I can click on a "connect" button which doesn't change anything.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I tried using 3 Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

  • Good evening,

    are you using some kind of proxy within your internet connection? Problems with the "screen" function are often caused by this. Or do you use an anti-virus program which interferes with HTTPS traffic? You could try to temporarily turn that off, as it may cause problems as well.

  • Thanks Lars - that was it! I didn't use any proxy.

    My Antivirus is Bitdefender Total Security and seems like option "Scan SSL" under "Network Protection" was causing this problem!

    I got 1 more question about this "CPU Topology". Does this "Socket count" mean that my VPS uses 2 processors, 1 core each? Is it actually better (in performance) than when using 1 socket and 2 cores?

  • The CPU topology feature is useful for example when using Windows Server. Some licenses only allow one CPU socket, so you would have to switch from multiple sockets to multiple cores on one socket. But on linux, it doesn't change anything.