Floating IP and Pacemaker

  • Hello everybody.

    We have Floating IP and 3 root servers with /etc/network/interfaces being rewritten according with the Wiki.

    The problem is when you do $ifup ens3:1 (our network interface with configured floating IP) on the servers - you are then having the Floating IP on each of them and when you try to ping this IP from any of servers it pings to localhost which is unacceptable for us (we use custom Pacemaker resources) and you don’t know to which server the IP is currently connected.

    Who’ve been through this problem, is there any solutions apart of manually turning the interface through ifdown ens3:1. We are assuming that configuring loopback would help.

    Also we have a problem with control panel: when one opens the Network page in control panel you detach the floating IP automatically. The same if you even just refresh the page.

    Thanks a lot for your help ;)