Switch Cloud vLAN 100 Mbps -> Cloud vLAN Giga 1 Gbps (troubles)

  • Hi,
    I've just switched the network cards on some of my VPS from Vlan100Mbps to a Vlan 1Gbps.
    (I removed the 100Mbps card and added the new one, reboot the server)

    But when I try to ping another VPS (that still use the 100mbps netword card), I get an error "a destination host unreachable"
    The VPS runs on Ubuntu 20.04 and use Netplan.
    Any help (or Guide)?

  • Hi,

    of course, as I understand you have either the 100Mbps card or the 1Gbps card but not both added to your servers,

    so its logical, that you can't reach from a vserver connected to the 1Gbps-VLAN another server connected to the 100 Mbps-VLAN

    both must be connected to the same VLAN

    Grüße / Greetings

    Walter H.

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