Your account has expired via SSH login

  • For security reason I've set account expiration period and looks like I've locked myself because few weeks I wasn't have ability to connect to the vServer.

    Now if I'm trying to connect with ssh I get a message "Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator."

    When I'm trying to use VNC console after typing either password for my regular user or root the console just give another prompt to login. The password is correct if I type incorrect password the console tells that login incorrect.

    What options I have to connect to the server. Thanks

  • What options I have to connect to the server.

    Check the keyboard layout in the SCP and on the server. There is also a virtual keyboard available.

    If this doesn't help, you can boot into the Rescue System, mount your partition, chroot into your system and change the password there.

    You could also edit boot parameter line and boot into a shell instead of the /sbin/init

  • Upon booting you have a GRUB menu, when you hit the key E you can edit the commandline.

    Append init=/bin/bash or init=/bin/sh to it and (re)mount your partition...

    looks like it has already mounted

    I'm not sure I need change the password. I think it's just PAM module or locked my user. But I'm inexperienced in this area

  • But I'm inexperienced in this area

    If it is locked, you need to change your password.

    If you enabled a PAM that takes care of it, you need to disable it.

    Only you know, what you have used to expire your own account.

    I don't know, what you have used.

    Anyway, as you now have root access, good luck.