How to test bandwidth to the vServer properly

  • Hello Community.

    I own a VPS 200 G10s. For some reason I've noticed very low bandwidth from my home network to the server.

    How did I perform the test? Well I've created a file with truncate -s +500M test speed then just copied it from vServer to my home pc with scp.

    What I got you can see on the screen

    I did 10 rounds of testing so far from yesterday to today and actually the speed is lower than 200KB/s.

    I would be grateful for any ideas on how to find the bottleneck. Yes, it could be my ISP. So no complaints so far. My home iplink is 100MB and speedtest gives me about 50-70 MB to the nearest servers.

  • Here is the result from my home laptop with wifi

  • Run yabs on the server please. Do you now get better results, or still only < 200kbit ?

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  • Run yabs on the server please. Do you now get better results, or still only < 200kbit ?

    Yes. 500MB file that is copying over scp still in progress for almost 3 hours so far. It's even 25-40KB.

    On the vServer:

  • Please do it in rescue system and verify that the download server isnt the issue

    I copied test file over SCP in rescue mode. Download speed is the same 50KB or so. Upload to the server is good as without rescue mode.

  • I don't think, netcup is the reason. yabs is ok to all targets from the server. This means, as well local connectivity and peering are ok. There is nothing more netcup can do about it.

    The figures at your pc at home are somehow strange. Download is much slower than upload, usually its the other way around. In the mtr the third hop is DE-CIX, so you are in Europe, but the European targets in yabs are quite bad, 2 have even a timeout.

    Are you sure your network setup at home is really ok? This looks not good for me.