Root Server - ESXi not reachable via ping.

  • Hi,

    I have installed newest version of ESXi on my root server. I had to change the hard drive type to IDE and network drive to e1000 to complete the installation.

    Unfortunately I can't reach the ESXi server from my computer. I have checked the DHCP configurations they look fine, the DNS is Netcup nameserver but when I do the test management network on ESXi interface, both dns' and nameserver failes.

    I have tried to ping outside from the esxi server and it works. What am I missing?

    Let me know, if you need more information

  • Just a side-question

    I am getting the error at control section of the scp ui

    "The tool qemu-guest-agent is not installed on your server. We recommend you to install the program, as it is responsible for a safe shutdown of your system, among other features utilized by the SCP."

    Can it be related to that?

    I have reverted to my previous ubuntu server snaphsot, where I had ssh access and the ssh access doesn't work anymore too..